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Thank you volunteers for all your help!

Check back next year for 2017 VBS information

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​VBS Friday Night Cookout
VBS Cookout 6.jpg
VBS Cookout 5.jpgVBS Cookout 7.jpg
Visit from Usher
VBS Cookout 2.jpgVBS Cookout 3.jpg

VBS Cookout 4.jpgVBS Cookout 9.jpg
VBS Cookout 10.jpg
"Paws for Praise"
Paws for Praise.jpg
Paws for Praise 6.jpgPaws for Praise 3.jpg
Paws for Praise 4.jpgPaws for Praise 5.jpg
​Blessing of the Animals
Blessing of the Animals 2.jpgBlessing of the Animals 3.jpgBlessings of the Animals 1.jpg

​2016 VBS
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