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Thank you to the wonderful community members that came out to support Lennon on Saturday, May 16th!

Special Thanks to Trent Jeffcoat, Good Ole Boys, KICKS Studio of Performing Arts and Chelsea Lee for performing. To Choo Chee the Train for delivering lots of smiles. To the hundreds of volunteers, donors, parking attendants and bakers...we are forever grateful!



About Baby Lennon



Lennon was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) around 25 weeks gestation.  Essentially, DCM causes the heart muscle to thin and stretch, making the chambers of the heart larger than normal. As the   chambers dilate the heart doesn't contract normally, effecting how well the heart pumps blood. They told us he would need a transplant within his first year of life, if he lived through the remainder of the pregnancy. Lennon was born on January 9th, at MUSC, into the care of the most amazing medical team in this state, and one of the best in the country. We were prepared that he may not be breathing at birth, because his heart was so enlarged they were worried whether his lungs would be able to mature, and if they did mature, his lungs may not be able to expand properly as he took his first breaths. He would most likely be intubated, we would be lucky if we got to hold him. We expected to stay in Charleston with him until a compatible donor heart became available, which is on average 6 months.  When Lennon was born, he was born with boxing gloves on. He came into this world a fighter and has blown everyone away with his willingness to live. We brought him home to wait on a heart on February 3rd, just a little less than a month after he joined us. His heart is functioning at only about 13% right now, but his body is handling it better than anyone could have expected. He is a happy, amazing little guy who will steal your heart the second he shows off his gummy grin.

-Allen & Jessica Cureton, parents



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We are still accepting donations: 

Donations can be made to the

Pisgah Lutheran Church-Medical Relief Fund (Memo: Lennon Cureton)

Mail to 1350 Pisgah Church Road, Lexington, SC 29072

or through



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